Why I Love My Job.


By Kay Leslie

The following post is taken from an article in The Derby Telegraph

Where do you work?

The Tutoring Room

What does the business do?

Offers qualified private maths and English tutoring for children of all ages and abilities

Kay Why I Love my job The Tutoring Room DerbyWhat is your job title?

Teaching director

What prompted you to join the business?

I have worked as a teacher for almost 20 years, working in both the state and independent sectors. Although I enjoy teaching in schools, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as tutoring individual students and seeing them succeed.

What are your daily / weekly activities?

With the recent curriculum changes and new examination syllabus for maths and English, I am busier than ever. Schools are in a period of transition.

Before a child starts with the Tutoring Room, I assess them and an individual education plan is written for them. The tuition is available Monday to Friday after school and on Saturday mornings. It is an hour of tuition along with homework and there is weekly communication of progress.

What do you love about the job?

I really enjoy getting to know each student and their family.

Even the smallest amount of personal information can change the way you approach teaching each child.

I also love it when students tell me they got the highest mark in the class for their maths test or they have moved up a set in maths.

What got you into tutoring?

Tuition is nothing new to me. When I was eight years old, I had maths tuition every week for around a year because I was struggling to grasp some basic concepts. The tuition proved a success and I was accepted into Cambridge University in 1994 to study education.

What makes you different from other tutors?

I know first hand how tuition can make a huge to difference. Without the extra help early on to give me a boost in maths, I would not have got into Cambridge University and I wouldn’t have the passion for maths that I now have.

What is the key to success in your job?

I believe the key to success in maths and English is practice and confidence. It is important to make the student feel secure in their environment. As soon as you walk into the Tutoring Room, whether you are five years old and starting out, or 17 and are doing a maths resit, you are immediately greeted by a smile. Once students realize there is no stigma to coming for help, they fully embrace the opportunity and begin to make progress almost immediately. Over the past two years, we have also offered science, which has proven to be very popular.

How has your job changed over time?

Over the past few years, tutoring has grown and demand is very high. Here at the Tutoring Room, I am offering holiday sessions throughout the summer for the first time ever. This gives a child the chance to continue practising and confidence will then soar on their return to school.

As well as our established branch in Burton Road, Littleover Derby. We are extremely proud to have opened a new branch of the Tutoring Room in New Zealand Road, Duffield, for children aged five to 18. We look forward to helping even more students achieve their goals and potential.